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Assessment of the novel T-cell activation marker-tuberculosis assay for diagnosis of activetuberculosis in children: a prospective proof-of-concept study.

  Portevin D1, Moukambi F2, Clowes P2, Bauer A2, Chachage M3, Ntinginya NE3, Mfinanga E4, Said K4, Haraka F4, Rachow A5, Saathoff E5, Mpina M4, Jugheli L6, Lwilla F4, Marais BJ7, Hoelscher M5, Daubenberger C1, Reither K8, Geldmacher C9. Lancet Infect Dis. 2014 Aug 29. pii: S1473-3099(14)70884-9. Read More »