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Autophagy, senescence, and arterial inflammation: relationship to arterial health and longevity

Significance Statement

Bale and Doneen have been ‘guaranteeing’ their work in heart attack and stroke prevention for several years.In their book[i] for the public, they reveal the secrets to their highly effective method for halting arterial disease.  Below are a few comments from others about the book and a few excerpts from their book.

““Not only does this book show you how to optimize your heart and brain health, but following this plan could even save your life.” —Daniel Amen, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

“I am a big fan of the Bale/Doneen Method. [Bale and Doneen] are really filling in many of the holes in our understanding of clinical management of coronary artery disease and dyslipidemia.” —Amit Manhas, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, Houston, TX.

“Dr. Bale and Amy Doneen have made a true advance beyond the medical standard of care…..” —Jason B. Wischmeyer, MD, PhD, FACC, Associate Professor, Division of Cardiology, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine.

“The ideal would be if every CEO in America would actually say …, ‘I am going to bring the Bale/Doneen course to this facility’ . . . . our population would be healthier and happier and …. it will be less expensive . . .the Bale-Doneen Method encourages a “mind over metal” approach …..This book is an easy read and holds the key to our future successes in the fight against coronary inflammation. It should be required reading for every first year med student as well as seasoned practitioners who stand on the forefront of detection and prevention.” Melissa Walton-Shirley MD FACC blogger and journalist/cardiovascular disease.

‘Exciting new evidence has also shown that exercise enhances a cellular process called autophagy. This is a mechanism by which our cells maintain their health —– cells use autophagy to clear out debris … and recycle it as fuel.  —- without autophagy cells would become choked with trash and die.’

‘Senescence (cells can no longer divide) can occur prematurely as a result of oxidative stress, the rusting process that produces health-damaging free radicals. —-senescence makes cells inflammatory which can drive the atherosclerotic disease process, leading to heart attacks and strokes at an unusually young age.’


Autophagy, senescence, and arterial inflammation: relationship to arterial--	- Global Medical Discovery health and longevity











Doneen AL, Bale BF.

Altern Ther Health Med. 2013 ;19(4):8-10.

Heart Health Program Grace Clinic, Lubbock, TX, USA. [email protected]


The authors argue that autophagy and senescence are important biological processes in facilitating wellness and disease prevention. According to the authors, vascular health is a key element to longevity while augmentation of autophagy is a major step in arterial health. Information on biochemical pathways involved in improving autophagy is provided. They add that age is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

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